Global Online Auction to benefit Armenian Relief Society Endowment Fund

Join the ARS during the Global Online Auction November 1st to 12th. Share... Read More

ARS Appoints Verginie Touloumian as a New Executive Director

    WATERTOWN, MA. – The Armenian Relief Society Central Executive has the pleasure of announcing the appointment of Ms. Verginie Touloumian, of Los Angeles, California, to the position of Executive Director of the Armenian Relief Society, Inc. International Office, located in Boston, Massachusetts... Read More

ARS Akhuryan Mother and Child Clinic Celebrates 20th year of service

Արդէն իսկ երկու տասնամեակ  բոլորած, Հայ Օգնութեան Միութեան Ախուրեանի մօր ու մանկան Առողջական ու Մանկաբարձական կեդրոնը, անընդհատօրէն յառաջադէմ ու արդիւնաւետ իր ազգանուէր ... Read More

Artsakh 4 Day War 1st Anniversary

We are already confronting another April, full of uncertainty and threat of renewed conflict, a year after last April’s savage onslaught of Azeri invaders. There’s no need to state, that in spite of the total failure of their murderous – and costly — campaign marked by inhuman acts of barbarism, Azerba... Read More

Save the Date – Grand Reopening of Soseh Kindergarten

September 6, 2017 Be Part of Grand Re-Opening of the ARS “Soseh” Kindergarten in Stepanakert. Share... Read More

ARS Scholarship – Accepting Applications

The ARS is accepting Applications for the ARS Scholarship. Deadline April 1, 2017 All applicants must apply through local ARS entities. 1-     Student must be full-time students at an accredited 4-year college or university, in their country of residence or elsewhere; every student can receive the ARS Scholar... Read More

Job Opening – Executive Director

The successful candidate must demonstrate ability to function within a not for profit, with entities in 27 different countries. The Executive Director is responsible for establishing and executing major goals and objectives for the organization. Implements policies established by the Central Executive Board (CEB).... Read More

Շնորհաւոր Նոր Տարի եւ Սուրբ Ծնունդ | Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Ամանորի եւ Սուրբ Ծննդեան հոգեպարար այս օրերուն, Հայ Օգնութեան Միութեան Համահայկական ընտանիքը կը յայտնէ իր լաւագոյն մաղթանքները եւ շնորհակալութիւնը՝ Ձեզ ու բոլոր անոնց, որ... Read More

ARS Fund for Syrian Armenian Relief

In view of the most recent attacks on September 30, 2016, on Armenian populated areas of Aleppo, which resulted in the death of five members of that already stricken community, the Armenian Relief Society expresses its deep sorrow, extending its condolences to their families. To this end, we appeal to our communit... Read More

Artsakh Relief Efforts

Read the recent news about Artsakh relief aid. Share... Read More

The Armenian Relief Society Visits the Galstyan Family

Initiated by the Armenian Relief Society (ARS) Central Executive Board and headed by ARS/Armenia Regional Board Chairperson, Narine Galstyan, on May 12, 2016, the ARS Representatives, accompanied by the Representative of the ARS Akhurian “Mother & Child” Health and Birthing Center, Suzanna Hovhannisian, we... Read More

The ARS provides $50,000 to the Government of Artsakh

The Armenian Relief Society Central Executive Board during its plenary meeting on April 14, in response to the violation of the cease fire by the Azeri forces, decided to transfer $50,000 dollars received from ARS Entities and Supporters to the Government of Artsakh to provide further aid to the residents of threa... Read More

Statement on Atrocities Against Fallen Soldiers

Following the ceasefire – requested by the very same Azeri Government, who a few days before had unleashed an unprovoked, brutal attack against the peaceful population of Artsakh — on April 10, to be exact, at the exchange proceedings of the bodies of soldiers fallen on the battlefield, the participants in... Read More

CALL TO ACTION for Artsakh (Nagorno Karabakh)

In view of the situation in the somber aftermath of the belated cease-fire, in view of the ravaged villages and hamlets in the line of enemy fire, the military and civilian casualties and the bereaved families and orphaned children of our beloved Artsakh, the Armenian Relief Society deems its duty to call upon eve... Read More

STATEMENT – Attacks on Nagorno Karabagh’s and Armenia’s Borders

For almost two years now, the gradually increasing attacks of the Azeri armed forces on Nagorno Karabagh’s and Armenia’s units guarding the borders – targeting also villages and towns located next to the conflict areas – are becoming more frequent and more furious. Over the past week-end, with coordinated ... Read More

ARS 5th International Cruise – Greetings in Buenos Aires and Montevideo…

It is amazing in how many ways the ARS moves forward its global activities! Sometimes its actual involvement is so vast, it seems to encompass a lot more than its declared programs. Yet, so much actual, visible and complete results are achieved, that its living presence is overwhelming as truly humanitarian endeav... Read More

Uplifting Women from Poverty ARS CSW Presentation In New York

The Armenian Relief Society Inc. (ARS) in collaboration with the Mission of Armenia to the UN held a side event during the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) entitled, “Uplifting Women from Poverty Through Partnerships” on March 14, 2016, at the United Nations (UN) Headquarters in New York City, NY. The s... Read More

March 8, 2016 -International Women Day

This “Day”, started since more than a century ago, on every March 8, has brought together women of the civilized world to raise their voices collectively, under one banner, in demand of equal rights. Thus, in New York City, six years before World War I, in March, 1908, around 1,500 placard-bearing women were m... Read More

ARS Participates at the 54th Session of the UN CSocD in New York

The 54th session of the Commission on Social Development (CSocD) took place from Feb. 3-12 at the United Nations (U.N.) Headquarters in New York. The priority theme for the session—”Rethinking and Strengthening Social Development in the Contemporary World”—aimed to identify new opportunities for sustainabl... Read More

ARS participates in the 54th Session of the Commission on Social Development

The 54th session of the Commission on Social Development (CSocD) will take place this year at the United Nations Headquarters in New York on 3-12 February, 2016. The priority theme for this session is: “Rethinking and Strengthening Social Development in the Contemporary World” which identifies new oppo... Read More


The 71st International Convention of the Armenian Relief Society (ARS) convened from Sunday, October 4, 2015, until Friday, October 9, 2015 in Yerevan, Armenia. During the six days, the convention considered the ARS Central Executive Board’s activities for the past four years, evaluated the activities, and adopt... Read More


The 71st Convention of the Armenian Relief Society stands in solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Armenia and Nagorno Karabakh Republic (Artsakh), and strongly condemns the Azerbaijani Army’s attacks against innocent civilians in the border villages of Armenia and Artsakh. The Convention delegates from 22... Read More

The ARS 71st International Convention Convened in Yerevan, Armenia

                The official opening of the 71st International Convention of the Armenian Relief Society (ARS, Inc.) took place on October 4, 2015 at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel in Yerevan, Armenia. Several officials were present, including the Republic of Armenia’s (Ro... Read More

ARS, Inc.’s Statement on the Armenian Genocide Centennial

In spite of the devastation and the destruction of the daily life of entire Armenian populations, today thriving Armenian communities around the globe prove the failure of the perpetrators. They do this with their countless establishments – schools, churches, community centers – built and maintained through th... Read More

Mr. and Mrs. Harout and Vicky Marachelian Donate $50,000 to the Armenian Relief Society

The Central Executive Board of the Armenian Relief Society is pleased to announce, with gratitude, the generous donation of Mr. and Mrs. Harout and Vicky Marachelian, of California, USA, in the amount of $50,000US to the ARS. In keeping with the wishes of the benefactors, this sum will be equally allotted to two p... Read More

The Armenian Relief Society Commemorates the Centennial of the Armenian Genocide in New York City

“…as long as I am alive, Turkey will not join the European Union…” Dr. Eleni Theocharous, Member of the European Parliament Several events dedicated to the Centennial of the Armenian Genocide, initiated by the ARS Central Executive Board, with the cooperation of the Regional Executive of ARS/Eastern USA, w... Read More

Armenian Relief Society to Commemorate Centennial with Events in March

The Armenian Relief Society (ARS), Inc. in cooperation with the ARS Eastern USA are planning a series of events from March 5-7 to commemorate the Armenian Genocide Centennial in the New York/New Jersey area. On Thursday, March 5, from 6-8 p.m., the ARS, along with the Permanent Mission of Armenia to the United Nat... Read More

ARS Initiates its Presence in Belgium

On October 15, 2014 during a special two-day visit to Brussels, members of the Armenian Relief Society (ARS) Central Executive Board, Mrs. Vicky Marachelian, Chairperson, and Mrs. Liza Avakian, Adviser, attended a meeting with representatives of the Armenian National Committee of Belgium, ARS supporters, Homenetme... Read More