Artsakh Blockade

December 20, 2022
Statement of the Armenian Relief Society on the Blockade of Artsakh
In its over century-long humanitarian activities, starting from World War I and the very first genocide of the 20th Century committed by the Young Turks, the Pan-Turkish Government of the Ottoman Empire against the Armenian and Christian populations of the Empire, the Armenian Relief Society has never witnessed such indifference towards a repeat performance of the genocidal horrors of 1915, which is staged by the very same genocidal powers, in plain view of the international community.
With the blockade of the Lachin Corridor on December 12, 2022, the Azeri Dictator, whose antics in front of the cameras far surpass those of the World War II Nazi Fuhrer’s and Fascist Duce’s public performances, is sending a message that should not be taken lightly. By closing the only access to Artsakh, shutting off the gas on the very threshold of what promises to be a severe winter, Aliyev is announcing the start of the second phase of the ‘Final Solution’ of the Armenian presence in the South Caucasus using the same genocidal tactics used over a century ago in Western Armenia and Cilicia by his mentors in Turkey.
As we write these lines, the children of Artsakh are denied heated classrooms; patients, physicians, and nurses can barely survive with reduced amounts of fuel and medical supplies available to hospitals; industrial productivity is vanishing; Azeri sharpshooters harass agricultural workers who are risking their lives to produce enough food to avert famine…
As a humanitarian organization with a 110-year experience, the Armenian Relief Society is addressing this catastrophic situation of an Artsakh under siege with the firm belief that there are still individuals, societies, governments, and agencies of goodwill – especially during this Yuletide Season – who will raise their voices against those who are promoting the present horror.
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