Month: April 2016

The ARS provides $50,000 to the Government of Artsakh

The Armenian Relief Society Central Executive Board during its plenary meeting on April 14, in response to the violation of the cease fire by the Azeri forces, decided to transfer $50,000 dollars received from ARS Entities and Supporters to the Government of Artsakh to provide further aid to the residents of threatened regions. The funds […]


Statement on Atrocities Against Fallen Soldiers

Following the ceasefire – requested by the very same Azeri Government, who a few days before had unleashed an unprovoked, brutal attack against the peaceful population of Artsakh — on April 10, to be exact, at the exchange proceedings of the bodies of soldiers fallen on the battlefield, the participants in this grim task came […]


CALL TO ACTION for Artsakh (Nagorno Karabakh)

In view of the situation in the somber aftermath of the belated cease-fire, in view of the ravaged villages and hamlets in the line of enemy fire, the military and civilian casualties and the bereaved families and orphaned children of our beloved Artsakh, the Armenian Relief Society deems its duty to call upon every Armenian […]


STATEMENT – Attacks on Nagorno Karabagh’s and Armenia’s Borders

For almost two years now, the gradually increasing attacks of the Azeri armed forces on Nagorno Karabagh’s and Armenia’s units guarding the borders – targeting also villages and towns located next to the conflict areas – are becoming more frequent and more furious. Over the past week-end, with coordinated use of heavy artillery, armored vehicles […]


ARS 5th International Cruise – Greetings in Buenos Aires and Montevideo…

It is amazing in how many ways the ARS moves forward its global activities! Sometimes its actual involvement is so vast, it seems to encompass a lot more than its declared programs. Yet, so much actual, visible and complete results are achieved, that its living presence is overwhelming as truly humanitarian endeavor, realized wherever and […]



The economic crisis and the political instability in Lebanon have taken an evident toll on the Lebanese-Armenian community.

The Central Executive Board has been closely monitoring the developments since October of 2019 and has already sent $15,000 to the Armenian Relief Cross of Lebanon to ensure that services remain uninterrupted.

We call on the community to join our efforts for this emergency appeal and help us extend our healing hands to our compatriots to help bring a smile to the children, teenagers, and the elderly.

Donations will be distributed to 3 Programs (Hope Packages, Care Support, and the Hot Meal Program).

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