Endowment Fund

Global Reach. Lasting Impact.

With a legacy of over 100 years of community involvement, the ARS stands prepared to be on the frontlines of grassroots activism, developing our communities, strengthening our homeland, and to assist humanitarian efforts and we count on individuals like you who make it possible for us to achieve new heights both locally and globally.

For our organization to tackle and redirect its programs towards the realities of new challenges and necessities facing our nation, the ARS Endowment Fund relies on financial contributions of all sizes from our entire community. After years of experience in serving our nation and society-at-large, one thing we have learned is that anything is possible and the more we do, the more we get inspired to do.

The mission of the Endowment Fund is to support the wide range of activities across the organization, through its educational, cultural, humanitarian, and social pillars in perpetuity.

Without a doubt, the ARS has brought important contributions, and continues to do so, not only to the preservation of ethnic identity, but also the nurturing and survival of our national spirit. To continue to surpass this standard of excellence, the ARS Endowment project is an effort that will provide funding for existing projects and for new and exciting opportunities for sustained growth and achievement.

We are grateful for donors like you who make it possible for the Armenian Relief Society reach new heights and accomplish new projects. As we celebrate the legacy of our organization, we count on you to help us continue our mission. YOUR POWERFUL ACTION GUARANTEES NEW POSSIBILITIES.

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