Lebanese-Armenian Relief

Stand with Lebanon

On Tuesday August 4th, 2020, a devastating explosion in the Port of Beirut, Lebanon, shook the capital and its surrounding cities demolishing buildings, destroying many neighborhoods, killing more than 150, injuring around 5000, and displacing more than 300,000 people. The Armenian community of Lebanon was tremendously affected by this tragedy. Some lost their loved ones while others lost their homes, businesses, and belongings.

The Armenian Relief Society immediately mobilized its regions to support our communities in Lebanon. Our fundraising efforts will make sure that no person, whether a child or an elderly, will go hungry or be homeless during this calamity.

We ask that you join our relief efforts by opening your hearts and donating today.

Syrian-Armenian Relief

Fund for assistance to Syrian-Armenian Schools

In order to provide financial assistance to Armenian schools in Syria, the ARS Central Executive Board formed the “Fund for Assistance to Syrian-Armenian Schools” in 2012. The economic crisis battering the country has inevitably affected the Armenian community as well. The ARS Central Executive Board believes that securing the undisturbed continuity of school life is the best guarantee to maintain the normalcy of daily existence for Armenian youngsters.

From the beginning of the Syrian conflict, the Armenian Relief Society has allocated $175,000USD to the Syrian-Armenian schools.

Donations can be made to the “Fund for Assistance to Syrian-Armenian Schools” through all ARS local chapters and Regional offices, as well as the ARS, Inc.

"Hot Meal" Program

The “Hot Meal” program was initiated by the ARS CEB in November 2012, providing hot meals to needy families in Aleppo. Initially, once a week 110-125 individuals were benefiting from the Hot Meal program. Considering the need for this program, in May 2013, the CEB decided to extend the program to three times per week. Currently, more than 300 individuals benefit from this program, each week. This ARS-initiated and sponsored project is implemented in cooperation with ARS/Syria, with funds supplied by ARS entities and individuals. Each daily implementation of a “Hot Meal” costs approximately $250.00USD.

"Warm Home" Project

In view of the worsening socio-economic conditions in Syria, and particularly in the Aleppo area, the CEB initiated the “Warm Home” project in 2013, designed to secure heat for vulnerable households during the cold winter days by offering each household the sum of $100.00USD.

"Sponsor a Syrian-Armenian Family"

Based on a Resolution passed by the ARS/Eastern USA’s 93rd Convention, a decision was reached to assist Syrian-Armenian families with young children. Based on a list of needy families prepared by ARS/Syria, on an incremental basis each qualifying family receives $100.00USD.

Assistance to Kessab

In the aftermath of the March 21, 2014 incidents in Kessab, Syria, with the collective effort of all ARS entities, the CEB provided humanitarian assistance to Armenians who had taken refuge in Latakia.


The economic crisis and the political instability in Lebanon have taken an evident toll on the Lebanese-Armenian community.

The Central Executive Board has closely monitored the circumstances and in November of 2019, already sent $5,000 USD in order to help the Armenian Relief Cross of Lebanon to ensure the provided services remain uninterrupted.

However, the situation has gotten progressively worse, and the number of Armenians asking for support from the Armenian Relief Cross of Lebanon has exponentially increased. Therefore, the Central Executive Board, during its first Plenary Meeting (Jan. 3-7, 2020), decided to initiate a campaign to collect donations as part of an Emergency Appeal for Lebanon. Thus, the CEB sent an additional $10,000 USD for their ongoing support initiatives.  In June of 2020 Donations received from Entities and Individuals has reach more than 150,000 USD. Donations will be allocated towards the following three programs:

"Hot Meal Program"

Through this project, entities and donors can sponsor the Hot Meal Program which is distributed to 1500 community members in need. Although, this program has been operating for many years (offered twice a week), under these financial circumstances, the entity had to reduce it to only one day per week. The Central Executive Board has deemed this service a priority and it has reinstated the Hot Meal Program to twice a week. With funding, the entity will continue to serve meals twice a week.

Donation: 500 USD/1500 patrons per week ($1,000 for both days per week).


During the devastating earthquake in Armenia in 1988, the Armenian Relief Society immediately became an active player in the international disaster relief efforts that poured in from around the world, in conjunction with financially assisting countries and the International Red Cross.

The ARS has played an active role in providing relief aid in war torn countries, such as Lebanon and Iraq. From the very start of the Syrian crisis, the ARS made the needs of the Syrian-Armenian community the focal point of its priorities. The ARS provides the maximum possible assistance with utmost urgency. ARS programs such as the “Assistance to Syrian-Armenian Schools”, “Hot Meal” and “Warm House” have provided and continue to provide financial assistance to schools and needy families in Syria. More than $500,000USD has been allotted to Syrian aid.

During the last 20 years, the ARS with all its entities has responded effectively to:

Earthquakes in California, Chile, Iran, and Nepal

Tsunamis in Thailand and Japan

Hurricanes in South Africa, Haiti, New Orleans, and the Philippines

The 9/11 attacks in New York. The ARS through the Red Cross has raised funds for families that lost loved ones.