The ARS provides $50,000 to the Government of Artsakh

The Armenian Relief Society Central Executive Board during its plenary meeting on April 14, in response to the violation of the cease fire by the Azeri forces, decided to transfer $50,000 dollars received from ARS Entities and Supporters to the Government of Artsakh to provide further aid to the residents of threatened regions. The funds were transferred through the ARS in Artsakh.


ՀՕՄ-ը Յիսուն Հազար Տոլար Կը Տրամադրէ Արցախի Հանրապետութեան

Հայ Օգնութեան Միութեան Կեդրոնական Վարչութիւնը, իր Ապրիլ 14-ի լիագումար նիստին, որոշում կայացուց – Ազէրի բանակի վերջին դաւադիր ներխուժումներուն յաջորդող 7 օրերուն ընթացքին մեր միաւորներու եւ նուիրատուններու կողմէ հաւաքուած Ամերիկեան 50,000 տոլարը ուղարկել Արցախի կառավարութեան, Արցախի միաւորի միջոցաւ, վթարեալ շրջաններու բնակչութեան որպէս անմիջական օգնութիւն։

Statement on Atrocities Against Fallen Soldiers

Arstakh Stron Web coverFollowing the ceasefire – requested by the very same Azeri Government, who a few days before had unleashed an unprovoked, brutal attack against the peaceful population of Artsakh — on April 10, to be exact, at the exchange proceedings of the bodies of soldiers fallen on the battlefield, the participants in this grim task came face to face with the horror of atavistic barbarism, committed by the Azeri military.

The exchange, arranged and conducted under the supervision of representatives of the International Red Cross and commissions connected with the efforts of a peaceful resolution of the Nagorno Karabagh conflict, revealed that the bodies of all the 18 Armenian soldiers had been horribly mutilated by decapitation, dismemberment and other despicable acts of desecration.

The beastly nature of these inhuman acts is an insult to all that a civilized world believes in.   Indeed, precisely to prevent atrocities of this sort, over decades of soul-searching, enlightened legislators have come up with laws and regulations to rein in the brutality of war. All civilized nations are signatory to these rules, amongst which   we can mention in particular, the Convention (I) for the Amelioration of the Condition of the Wounded and Sick in Armed Forces in the Field (1949), Geneva Convention (III) relative to the Treatment of Prisoners of War (1949), the Additional Protocol to the Geneva Conventions of 12 August 1949 relating to the Protection of Victims of International Armed Conflicts (Protocol I), and the United States “Leahy” Law, protecting the rights of frontline soldiers.

As a globally present and active Armenian humanitarian organization, the Armenian Relief Society — a longtime member of the UN’s Economic and Social Committee (ECOSOC), and an advocate of the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights – cannot just stand by and be indifferent to the atrocities committed by the Azeri hordes against peaceful populations and the inert bodies of soldiers fallen on the field of honor.

Therefore, we vehemently condemn the war crimes committed by the Azeri armed forces during their savage campaign against the people of Artsakh, asking all civilized nations to join us in condemning Azerbaijan’s unprovoked aggression against peaceful Armenian populations and the ravages caused by indiscriminate shelling and bombing of harmless villages and their residents.

Presently, our main concern is to alleviate the desperate needs of the stricken communities by securing shelter, medicine, clothing and other essentials, to restore normal life, in a secure and peaceful environment. To this end, the Armenian Relief Society is engaged in a nation-wide fundraising program to realize the funds needed for a short and long range campaign of reconstruction and rehabilitation, working closely with the Artsakh and Armenian authorities.

Please make your donation at, or make a check payable to ARS Inc. with a memo for “ARS Support for Artsakh Fund” and mail to: ARS CEB Office, 80 Bigelow Ave. #300, Watertown, MA 02472. Outside the US, please contact your local ARS regional office or chapter.


CALL TO ACTION for Artsakh (Nagorno Karabakh)

In view of the situation
in the somber aftermath of the belated
cease-fire, in view of the ravaged villages
and hamlets in the line of enemy fire, the military
and civilian casualties and the bereaved families
and orphaned children of our beloved Artsakh,
the Armenian Relief Society
deems its duty to call upon every Armenian
to humanitarian action, in order to relieve the pain
and suffering that the treacherous, unprovoked
Azeri aggression has caused our sisters and brothers
over the past few days of infamy.

There is no question, that it is our duty
to extend our moral and material support to each
and every wounded soldier and their loved ones,
to each and every civilian casualty and their
families, to each family that is left without shelter,
their homes destroyed by enemy shells.
This is the time for benevolent action,
as one nation, united forever.

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STATEMENT – Attacks on Nagorno Karabagh’s and Armenia’s Borders

For almost two years now, the gradually increasing attacks of the Azeri armed forces on Nagorno Karabagh’s and Armenia’s units guarding the borders – targeting also villages and towns located next to the conflict areas – are becoming more frequent and more furious.
Over the past week-end, with coordinated use of heavy artillery, armored vehicles and air support, the powers in Baku once more staged an unprovoked act of aggression, endangering the already tenuous cease-fire status. Let us be thankful by stating that, sustaining considerable losses in casualties and materiel, the aggressors retreated after crashing against the unshakable defensive line of the Armenian forces.

As a global, internationally active Armenian humanitarian organization, the Armenian Relief Society, founded on the principles of the International Red Cross and Crescent, as well as the Geneva Convention and the United Nations Organization’s Declaration of Human Rights, based on the civilized world’s universal human values, the Armenian Relief Society cannot stay indifferent in view of murderous attacks on schoolchildren and peaceful, harmless populations.

Unanimously with all decent peoples, we condemn the indiscriminating armed attacks targeting Armenian populations, the number of whose innocent victims – killed, wounded and maimed — keeps increasing with every murderous attack. Therefore, We call upon all international and all non-governmental entities to express their revulsion in view of the continuous bloodshed caused by these premeditated actions of violence.

April 2, 2016

ARS 5th International Cruise – Greetings in Buenos Aires and Montevideo…

It is amazing in how many ways the ARS moves forward its global activities! Sometimes its actual involvement is so vast, it seems to encompass a lot more than its declared programs. Yet, so much actual, visible and complete results are achieved, that its living presence is overwhelming as truly humanitarian endeavor, realized wherever and whenever needed.

The International Cruise is one of the occasions where the ARS melds the entertaining with the benevolent, which results in channeling necessary assistance to the needy – an interesting and efficient way of reaching humanitarian goals in a mutually agreeable way.

This year, the ARS 5th International Cruise – unlike previous ones – sailed around the shores of South America, instead of European ports. Lifting anchor at Buenos Aires, on March 13, it sailed to Uruguay, where after visits to Montevideo and Punta del Este, headed to Argentinian Patagonia’s Puerto Madrin and Usuwaya, from where it set sail for Chile, Cabo de Ornos, Punta Arenas, the Straight of Magajanes, Puerto Mont, reaching Valparaiso, where it concluded its cruise on March 27. Arranged by the ARS Central Executive Board, all musical entertainment on board was rendered by the Argentinian musician Edgardo Sarian and vocalist Alejandro Chipian.

In Buenos Aires, as the host region, the ARS/South America Regional Executive, with local chapters and the Cruse committee, organized welcoming events for the participants of the Cruise.

On Saturday, March 12, a visit to Tigre took place for those who had arrived in Buenos Aires before the Cruise would set sail. On this occasion, the group visited san Isidro, a suburb of Buenos Aires, including the local historic cathedral, after which, in boats sailing from the Tigre marina, they sailed around scenic islands, stopping for lunch at the famous Gato Blanco restaurant on the banks of the river Capitan. That evening, upon return to Buenos Aires, the group went to the “Senor Tango” restaurant to enjoy dinner and an unforgettable performance by Tango singers and dancers.

On Sunday, March 13, after registering on board the Cruise ship “Rhapsody of the Seas” of the Royal Caribbean International, the voyagers of the 5th ARS International Cruise – majority of whom hailed from Canada, the United States, Australia and various parts of Europe, visited the Armenian quarter of the Palermo Suburb, concentrating mostly on the ARS “O. Bodourian-O. Diarbekirian” Seniors’ Home and the St. Gregory the Illuminator Cathedral.

Then the group paid a visit to the ARF “Eduardo Seferian” Club, where took place a welcoming reception with the participation of the cruisers and representatives of the community’s prominent organizations. The event’s hostess, Marie Ebekian’s welcoming remarks were followed by the Anthems of Argentina, Armenia and the Armenian Relief Society. The youngsters of the ARS “Shirak” Dance Ensemble presented the “Shiraki Sharon”, “Sareri Hovin” and the “Yarkhushta” dances, under the supervision of their teachers, Therese Sarksian and Vahram Hambadzumian, with the assistance of Diana Balasanian.

In the name of the Cruise Committee, Dr. Graciela Kevorkian introduced an audiovisual piece covering the history and accomplishments of the ARS/South America through the devoted efforts of its membership. The Tango, also, made a presence at this function through the talents of vocalist Valeria Chelekian and dancers Laura Corrado Misirlian and Damian Eseyl, who presented a piece called “Ballada para un loco”.

The message of the ARS/South America Regional Executive was conveyed by the Chairperson, Arpine Karamanougian, which was followed by an audiovisual presentation of the activities of the Buenos Aires Armenian community.

The message of the ARS Central Executive Board was delivered by CEB member, Sonia Akelian, who had flown from the United States to take part in the Cruise.

Once more, Armenian music lifted the spirits through vocalist Valeria Cherekian’s beautiful voice, singing “Yare martu yar gouda” and “Menq enq mer sarere”. Then, the ARS “Nayiri” Dance Ensemble, under the guidance of Therese Sarksyan and Vahram Hampardzoumian, presented the “Qochari”, “Yes im anoush Hayastani” and “Aragatz” dances, at the end of which, His Eminence Kisag Archbishop Mouradian, Primate of the Armenian Apostolic Sees of Argentina and Chile, concluded the program with a prayer.

After this emotionally invigorating proceedings, a greetings dinner/banquet was attended by all at the “Armenia” Restaurant of the ARF “Eduardo Seferian” Club. The evening stretched well into the night, entertained by vocalist Valeria Cherekian’s renditions of traditional and contemporary Armenian songs, as well as local Tango music and dancing, often accompanied by the guests.

The next day, on Monday, March 14, the participants toured Buenos Aires, visiting historic parts of the city. Finally, that same evening, the cruise ship lifted anchor, sailing towards the Uruguay shores, reaching port on Tuesday morning, March 15. In Montevideo, Uruguay, the ARS “Roubina” Chapter had organized visits to the “Nersesian” National School, the Prelacy and Church of the Uruguay Armenian Apostolic Church, as well as the ARF Vramian Club. In the evening, the ship and the voyagers set sail towards the last port of the cruise.

No doubt, that the participants in the ARS 5th International Cruise will long remember the warm welcomes and hospitality extended to them by the Armenian communities of Buenos Aires and Montevideo, as their initial touristic experience on the scenic shores of South America.PR06_20160401 _ 1 _ Tigre

PR06_20160401 _ 3 _ S.Krikor Lusavorich

PR06_20160401 _ 4 _  ARF tadron

PR06_20160401 _ 6 _  V.Cherekian

PR06_20160401 _ 7 _  Tango dance

Sonia Akellian, ARS Central Executive Board Member

Sonia Akellian, ARS Central Executive Board Member

PR06_20160401 _ 10 _  ARF tadron

PR06_20160401 _ 11 _  Shirag

ARS Nairy Dance Ensemble

ARS Nairy Dance Ensemble

PR06_20160401 _ 13 _  Montevideo 1

Group Photo in Montevideo

Group Photo in Montevideo

St. Krikor Lousavorich Church

St. Krikor Lousavorich Church

Dr. Graciela Kevorkian

Dr. Graciela Kevorkian

Arpine Karamanougian

Arpine Karamanougian