ARS Appoints Verginie Touloumian as a New Executive Director

April 2, 2018

WATERTOWN, MA. – The Armenian Relief Society Central Executive has the pleasure of announcing the appointment of Ms. Verginie Touloumian, of Los Angeles, California, to the position of Executive Director of the Armenian Relief Society, Inc. International Office, located in Boston, Massachusetts. A dedicated, fully qualified community leader and tireless activist, Ms Touloumian has already relocated to Boston from Los Angeles, CA to begin her tenure, starting October, 2017.

“I am very excited, and honored, to serve as the new Executive Director of the ARS, with total commitment to the mission of this international, non-profit organization dedicated to advance the humanitarian needs of Armenians and non-Armenians world-wide, to new heights of achievement,” said Ms. Touloumian with a confidence based on a solid record.

After graduating from Rose and Alex Pilibos, Verginie obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management from Woodbury University. She holds a certificate in Human Resources Management from Loyola Marymount University and a Master’s Degree in Management and Leadership from Pepperdine University. During her time at Pepperdine, she was selected to participate in a study abroad program at the University of Oxford and was assigned to provide management consultations to the Los Angeles Mission’s Anne Douglas Center for Women. Most recently, Verginie was the Project Coordinator and the Armenian Studies (Hye Tahd) teacher at Rose and Alex Pilibos.

Verginie was an active member of the AYF Western United States where she served on the Central Executive as a Secretary and a Vice Chairperson and the Glendale “Roupen” Chapter Executive as a secretary and a chairperson. She has also chaired AYF’s ‘With Our Soldiers’ Program, the United Human Rights Council, the Educational Council, and the 100 Days of Action Project. She has participated in the AYF Youth Corps and Camp Javakhk Programs, the United Nations Internship, and recently participated in a Calouste Gulbenkian Conference in France. Miss Touloumian has actively contributed to the ‘Haytoug’ Magazine, Woodbury’s Armenian Student Association, and the ARF Shant Student Association.

As the Executive Director of the International Office – nerve center of the organization – Ms Touloumian will be managing the activities of all ARS entities in 26 countries around the globe, carry out strategic operations of the ARS, plan long-term projects, and strengthen the organization’s activism through outreach and advisory assistance. “All members of the Central Executive Board share my enthusiasm in welcoming this worthy addition to the Central Office staff,” said Chairperson Caroline Chamavonian.“Beyond any doubt,” she concluded, “Verginie, with her youthful energy and innovative ideas, will enhance the productive performance of the Central Office, in all its functions”.

Established in 1910, the Armenian Relief Society operates in 26 countries serving the humanitarian needs of Armenians and non-Armenians alike. Through its avowed mission and numerous philanthropic projects the organization has empowered women to make an impact on their communities and has promoted education, health, and humanitarian aid.

The ARS, Inc. office can be contacted by calling (617) 926-5892 or emailing


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