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Համաշխարհային Շտապ Օժանդակութեան Զօրաշարժ ՀՕՄ-ի կողմէ | The Armenian Relief Society Mobilizes Global Emergency Relief

We are in the midst of an international emergency that is affecting all of us locally, along with significant and immediate consequences on our diaspora, our communities, and our homeland. The Armenian Relief Society Central Executive Board (CEB) urges all its members to stay well and safe. Social distancing and the avoidance of crowded places are essential to overcoming the COVID-19 pandemic.


ARS Issues an Emergency Appeal for the Lebanese-Armenian Community

[Armenian Below] The economic crisis and the political instability in Lebanon have taken an evident toll on the Lebanese-Armenian community. The Central Executive Board has closely monitored the circumstances and in November of 2019, already sent $5,000 USD in order to help the Armenian Relief Cross of Lebanon to ensure the provided services remain uninterrupted. […]