ARS, Inc.’s Statement on the Armenian Genocide Centennial

April 23, 2015

In spite of the devastation and the destruction of the daily life of entire Armenian populations, today thriving Armenian communities around the globe prove the failure of the perpetrators.

They do this with their countless establishments – schools, churches, community centers – built and maintained through their undaunted will to survive, thus defeating the genocidal attempt to wipe out Armenians forever, along with their history and millennial homeland.

Today, after surviving the hellish crucible of Der Zor, our decimated masses, as an integral part of our nation and living hand in hand with their families under the free skies of an independent Armenian Homeland, have entered a new era of political renaissance.

Today, as participants in the evolving international scene, we have proven once more the reality of possibilities ahead of us. As a cultural and political force commemorating the Genocide fifty years ago, we turned the corner by leaving behind emotional rituals to adopt a political and diplomatic approach, opening new avenues for the prosecution of our sacred Cause, leading our united people not to just remember, but to demand, as one Nation.

Thus, we clearly and strongly demand all our rights, in order to bring our just Cause to its final resolution, regardless of the present stubbornly denialist stand of Turkey and its sundry allies.

Again, as a united force, it is our sacred duty to continue stating our demands, remaining true to our struggle in the name of our countless martyrs and their cruelly interrupted dreams of justice.


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