Javakhk Fund

In 2001, the Armenian Relief Society (ARS) founded the Javakhk Fund program. The program is headquartered are in Yerevan, Armenia, with affiliate headquarters in Watertown, MA and in most ARS Regions

The high rate of unemployment, lack of rural access to healthcare and systematic governmental neglect has severely marginalized the Armenian population of Javakhk. In response to their alarming living conditions, the ARS Javakhk Fund has initiated several year-round programs focusing on health care, youth, education, social assistance, and Armenian culture.

The ARS Javakhk Fund assisted in providing ambulatories in 16 villages as well as organized a training for doctors and nurses in the Ninotsminda-Akhalkalak region to provide primary healthcare to the overall region.

There are three working youth centers in Javakhk.  The Akhaltskha , Akhalkalak and Ninotsminda Armenian youth centers were inaugurated in 2006, 2007 and 2010 respectively.

The three centers were bought and renovated by the ARS Javakhk Fund Committee of the Western USA.

The Centers serve to strengthen & enrich the knowledge of the youth of Javakhk. Approximately 250-300 young people of different ages, from nearby Armenian villages attend different activities free of charge.  Both centers have a library and internet access. Here are a few activities that Akhaltskha and Akhalkalak centers provide to the young Javakhk population:

Armenian Language courses – for Armenian students attending Russian Schools

Armenian History Courses

English Language Courses

Computer Courses

Needlework courses

Singing, Dancing and Theatrical courses

Chess & painting clubs

Tumo – Akhalkalak (Established in 2021)