at least
150 people killed
5,000 wounded
300,000 homeless
©Instagram. Saint Elias and Saint Gregory the Illuminator Armenian Catholic Cathedral

On August 4th 2020, a massive explosion hit Beirut sending shock waves across the Lebanese capital. A large part of the city was reduced to rubble leaving at least 150 people killed, 5,000 wounded and over 300,000 homeless.

Thanks to your donations, the Armenian Relief Society (ARS) is ensuring direct and immediate aid for Lebanon in the fastest, safest, and most effective way possible.

The ARS is a non-profit and non-governmental organization that has been delivering sure, steady, and reliable assistance in times of crises to Armenians and non-Armenians across the world since 1910. ARS chapter volunteers, medical dispensaries, and partner organizations in Lebanon are currently working around the clock to deliver urgent help.

Armenians share
the pain of the Lebanese people and stand with them during these difficult times