Harutiun and Dzovinar Mateossian Bequeath $150,000 to the ARS Health Center in Akhourian

July 23, 2018

AKHOURIAN, Armenia— The Central Executive Board of the Armenian Relief Society is pleased to announce a generous contribution of 200,000 Australian dollars ($153,000 US dollars) received from the late Mr. and Mrs. Harutiun and Dzovinar Mateossian’s will, whose faithful support of the ARS past and present programs never wavered until their passing in 2017. Mr. and Mrs. Mateossian bequeathing the above amount to the Armenian Relief Society in their will is a testament of their life-long trust in the humanitarian mission of the Armenian Relief Society.

In appreciation of this generous grant, ARS Australia’s Chairperson, Nora Sevagian stated: “The decision to dedicate such a large sum to the ARS “Mother & Child” Health and Birthing Center illustrates the donors’ exemplary dedication to the community and homeland.”

In the same spirit, ARS, Inc. Chairperson, Caroline Chamavonian noted: “It is through the unwavering financial support of donors such as the Mateossians, that our organization is able to succeed and fulfill its mission.”

In 1997, the Akhourian site was chosen by the ARS, to build this Ministry of Health licensed, non-profit Health Center, operating entirely with the financial support of the ARS. At its inception, the Health Center was meant to serve a population of some 22,000, living in the Akhourian Region’s six adjacent villages. Today, after eight years of continuous service, the Center has expanded its reach to over 150,000 patients, covering a large area of the Shirak Province.

The center is staffed with medical experts and support personnel and operates with modern equipment, including Sonography and Mammography units, microsurgery tower, and provides gynecological, pediatric pre and post-natal care, all free of charge to the residents of the region. With the addition of the Birthing Center wing in 2005, the survival rate of both mothers and new-born infants has improved considerably, bringing the effective care of women’s and infants’ health in the region to full cycle. Earlier this month, the Center welcomed Baby Karekine, its 15,000 newborn child. In 2005, the staunch supporters sponsored the surgical ward at the center.

Cognizant of these achievements in Akhurian, within the same month, ARS member, Ishkhanuhi Simonian, in celebration of the 50th anniversary of her wedding, donated the sum of 30,000 Australian dollars, half of which will be allotted to the ARS “Mother & Child” Center, where the ARS has established a special fund offering a gift of $150 US dollars to each family blessed with its second girl child delivered at the “Mother & Child” Birthing Center. Community members who would like to “Sponsor a Daughter” at the Birthing Center can make contributions here https://ars1910.org/give/.

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