The objectives of the ARS are:

1. To encourage high ethical standards and foster the spirit of good fellowship among Armenian Relief Society members, chapters, and regions.

2. To aid in social, educational, health and welfare efforts of the Armenian people.

3. To make special appropriations for food, medicine, and clothing in the event of war, epidemics, or natural disaster, and to aid the disabled, the ill, the needy, prisoners of war and the exiled.

4. To establish and/or finance health, food distribution and social service centers to serve Armenian communities in need.

5. To further the teaching of the Armenian language and culture; to establish and help finance Armenian schools and aid in efforts to perpetuate Armenian culture.

6. To give financial aid to deserving students in Armenian educational institutions.

7. TO give financial aid to deserving undergraduate and graduate college and university students.

8. To support health, educational and welfare programs dedicated to aid Armenian soldiers, the families of those who have volunteered for the Armenian Cause, needy Armenians known for their national accomplishments or outstanding public service and aid in the education of their children.

9. To promote the education of ARS members and encourage their involvement in public service.

10. To encourage ARS members to participate individually or collectively in the activities of community service organizations whose principles are compatible with those of the ARS.

11. To cooperate with organizations with similar objectives.

12. To encourage and advocate human rights and social change in civil society around the world as a non-governmental organization.