The Central Executive Board is elected every 4 years during an International Convention, the highest decision-making assembly of the organization.

In October, 2019 the following members were elected to serve on the 2019-2023 Central Executive Board:

Central Executive Board

Nyree Derderian Ph. D.

Chairperson Western USA

Mayda Melkonian

Vice-Chairperson Eastern USA

Maral Matossian

Secretary Western USA

Silva Takvorian

Treasurer Eastern USA

Arminée Karabetian

Bookkeeper Canada

Arousyak Melkonian

Advisor Western USA

Nelly Vekilian

Advisor Lebanon

Hamesd Sassounian Beugekian

Advisor Armenia

Taline Mkrtschjan

Advisor Eastern USA

Nora Sevagian

Advisor Australia

Lisa Gillibert

Advisor France

Executive Staff

Verginie Touloumian

Executive Director

Ojik Gregorian

Financial Manager

Tatul Sonentz-Papazian

Publications Coordinator

Nelly Nerkizian-Kevorkian

Administrative Secretary

Christina Mehranbod

United Nations Coordinator
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The ARS has also set up a Global Emergency Response Fund which will accept donations of medical equipment and funds to help reach out to our communities across the globe. The purpose of the Fund is to support those in need during this time of hardship -- to help with vital necessities to sustain the wellbeing of our compatriots.

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