CALL TO ACTION for Artsakh (Nagorno Karabakh)

In view of the situation
in the somber aftermath of the belated
cease-fire, in view of the ravaged villages
and hamlets in the line of enemy fire, the military
and civilian casualties and the bereaved families
and orphaned children of our beloved Artsakh,
the Armenian Relief Society
deems its duty to call upon every Armenian
to humanitarian action, in order to relieve the pain
and suffering that the treacherous, unprovoked
Azeri aggression has caused our sisters and brothers
over the past few days of infamy.

There is no question, that it is our duty
to extend our moral and material support to each
and every wounded soldier and their loved ones,
to each and every civilian casualty and their
families, to each family that is left without shelter,
their homes destroyed by enemy shells.
This is the time for benevolent action,
as one nation, united forever.

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